5 Fun Indoor Activities For Beating Corona Virus Boredom

With our country on lockdown from the Corona Virus, check out these fun indoor activities to stay safe and healthy.
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The world is at your fingertips

When you have a disability, oftentimes a lot of time is spent indoors. We’re in desperate need of fun indoor activities! Now with so many states requiring us to distance ourselves from one another, what are we going to do if we’re stuck inside 24/7?

Does this global quarantine mean we have to stop our routines and stare blankly at the TV while yet another government official tells us not to panic?

Drastic times call for drastic measures!

With the virus keeping everyone indoors, many businesses are offering their classes online for free or cheap. Now is the time to learn something new, build our self care plans, take an exercise class, plan a trip (far in the future), try a new recipe, or hang out with your friends – All virtually of course.

1. Keep in touch with friends and family

Video chat with friends and family is a fun indoor activities to stay healthy and safe from Corona virus Covid-19

UPDATE: With the news about the popular video conferencing platform Zoom’s privacy issues, I have compiled the alternatives below.

Most social media platforms offer some sort of free video chat for its members. And a lot of companies use video chat in their offices. May as well take advantage of one or two of them to chat with your friends and family.

This way you’ll get to see the person on the other end and not feel so isolated.

Important! With video chatting becoming a necessity, please don’t forget to get dressed before your call!


Out of all the video chatting apps, FaceTime is arguably the most popular. You can make both audio and video calls with up to as many as 32 people at once. The only drawback is that FaceTime only works with Apple devices, so if you want to chat with someone who has an Android, you’ll need a different app, like the few below.


With over 2 billion users around the world, WhatsApp works with both Apple and Android devices. You can bring up to four people into a group video chat at no cost. If you want a group where you’ll only text each other, the sky is the limit for the number of friends you can have.

Facebook Messenger

If you aren’t completely anti-Facebook, then check out Facebook Messenger. Like WhatsApp, there is a mobile app for Android and Apple devices, as well as a Web and desktop version. You can have up to six people in a group when video calling. And it is also free.


Skype is great or groups of up to 50 people around the world and is free. Skype can be used on mobile devices, computers, smart watches and XBox One.

Google Hangouts

You can video chat with up to 10 participants worldwide using Google Hangouts in its free, basic version.

2. Stay healthy and happy

Take health and wellness classes online for fun indoor activities to stay safe from Covid-19 Corona virus.

With the planet going on lockdown, I found these two great resources that bring wellness and meditation classes to you. There are a variety of fun indoor activities that can be done by yourself or with your quarantine partners, and indoors or outside.


For getting your creative juices flowing, CreativeLive.com has some of the best free online classes around. They are offering a handful of free wellness classes you can do right in your living room. A few minutes poking around their site and you’ll see a huge library of other classes on a variety of topics. If you buy the pass, you’ll get access to every class for 50% off.

Mindfulness Exercises

With over 2000 free courses, Mindfulness Exercises, similar in idea to CreativeLive, but more focused on mental health and meditation. If you’ve never tried meditation, start with one of my favorites. UCLA’s Guided Meditation walks you through the basics over twelve sessions. Available in English and Spanish.

3. Play a board game

Board games are always fun indoor activities ts to stay safe from Covid-19 Corona virus

There’s a new type of board game out there that fosters collaboration between players, rather than competition. As far as fun indoor activities go, I like these in particular because they don’t require me to have a fist full of cards.

Co-Op Board Games is a great resource for finding games to keep you entertained for days on end. Here is their list of the Top 40 Collaborative Games with reviews and pictures.

Burgle Bros.

Burgle Bros. is an excellent game for people who like board games with a lot of tension. If you love heist movies and want to put yourself in the action, you will probably enjoy Burgle Bros. as much as my group does. It’s definitely one of the best family co-op games.


Aptly named for the times we’re living in, Pandemic is all about, well, dealing with a pandemic! Pandemic has players attempt to eradicate four diseases that have broken out around the world, with each disease threatening to wipe out an entire region of people. It is up to the players to deal with the threats before too many people get infected.

4. Continue getting support

Support groups are not exactly fun indoor activities, but they are necessary to stay safe from Covid-19 Corona virus

While I wouldn’t classify these as fun indoor activities, our mental health is just as important as keeping our bodies in shape. If you regularly participate in either support groups or therapy sessions, it’s important to stick to your routine. Here are two ways you can do that.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

MSKCC is offering 47 different support groups on a weekly basis. Many of us have complex health needs and rely on regular participation in support groups. They are at different times throughout the week, so check the site frequently.

Talk to a therapist

This is the mother of all online talk therapy platforms. Talk Space works on your computer or mobile device, is completely HIPPA secure, and gives you your own therapist that stays with you for as long as you like. It is as simple as texting or video chatting with a friend.

If you find this style of therapy beneficial, make sure to add it to your self care plan.

5. See a concert

Watch concerts online as another fun indoor activities to stay safe from Covid-19 Corona virus

When you’re tired of entertaining everyone in the house after the third round of Charades, these are my goto and most fun indoor activities. If you don’t see your favorite artists, go directly to the artist’s website and see if they offer live performances.

Classical music

The Seattle Symphony and London-based concert hall Wigmore Hall are offering free concerts via their Facebook pages and YouTube channels.

Popular artists

NPR put together a great list of artists in a variety of genres that are holding free live concerts on their social media platforms.


It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom! This is a great opportunity to reconnect with family and friends, learn something new, or finally finish that book that is growing roots into your nightstand.

Also, this is a great time to catch up on all the articles on this site!

What creative and fun indoor activities have you come up with to stay safe, sane, and healthy? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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Great! I love reading what you post,I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.

Well said, Jeremy!!!

Hi Jeremy,
This is fantastic! Thank You.
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Great tips Jeremy! Thanks for sharing!
Especially the one about getting dressed before video calls 😂