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Coping with loss - Feature
Mental Health

How to Better Cope with Loss

How To Better Cope With Loss – It might seem like the #pain of loss won’t end. Whether you lost a loved on and you’re #coping with #heartache or you have a new #disability and are #grieving the loss of your old life, there is sunshine above the clouds. I’ll show you how.

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A memoir by Jeremy Schreiber

In Stores Spring 2021

The Invisible Nation​

The Invisible Nation, walks the reader through his journey from being a picture of perfect health, to fully dependent on his family after being diagnosed with ALS.

Along the way, he experiences the devastation of this disease, abandonment by his wife, and a world built to shun people with disabilities. It’s not all doom and gloom. He finds love, support, and a powerful purpose to share with the world.

More than just a memoir, Jeremy also shares his top tips, hacks, and resources that helped him live his best life possible.

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